SSL road warriors Page

Use this page to manage group access to SSL VPNs and custom scripts.

Navigation: NETWORK > VPN > SSL road warriors.

Select group
Select group The list of groups that you can manage SSL road warriors for.
Select Selects the user group to manage custom scrips for.
Custom client scripts
Upload Preconnect Script The preconnect script to carry out custom commands before the VPN comes up.
Upload Connect Script The connect script to carry out custom commands after the VPN comes up.
Upload Disconnect Script The disconnect script to carry out custom commands when a VPN comes goes down.
Generate client archive Generates an archive containing the software with the VPN settings and custom scripts. If you don't want to include custom scripts in the archive use the Global page to generate the archive.
Advanced » Displays the Additional custom client configuration section.
Additional custom client configuration
Upload configuration file: Choose File Opens the Open dialog box so you can find and upload a configuration file.
Upload configuration file Uploads the selected configuration file.
Remove configuration file Removes any uploaded configuration file for the SSL VPN.