Installing and managing the Smoothwall SSL VPN client

Note: These instructions are for Windows environments only.



To install the SSL VPN software:

  1. Extract the client archive to a suitable location and to start the installation wizard, double-click SmoothWall-SSL-OpenVPN-client.exe.
  2. Select the installation language and click OK.
  3. To start the installation, on the Welcome screen, click Next >.
  4. Choose whether the SSL VPN client can be used by All users of the device, or by the Current user only and click Next.
  5. Choose whether the user must reenter their username and password every time they open the VPN and click Next.
  6. Either accept the default installation folder or click Browse to select a new one and click Next.
  7. Make sure that you select Smoothwall SSL VPN Client and TAP-Device, click Install and when prompted select to update the TAP adapters.
  8. To complete the installation, click Finish. You can create a shortcut in the Start menu’s Startup folder to make sure that the SSL VPN client is available every time the user logs on to their device.

To import the details of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall:

If you tell it to save credentials when you first sign in to an account and you put them in incorrectly, you need to right-click on the client and clear saved data. Double-click to view the service log.