Configuring a tunnel compatible with iPhones


Set the preshared key, and the primary and secondary DNS settings:

  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the VPN submenu, click Global.
  2. Under the IPsec Road Warrior (and L2TP) Preshared Key section, enter the Preshared Key password that contains more than 6 characters and reenter it Again to confirm.
  3. Under the L2TP and SSL VPN client configuration settings section, enter the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings.
  4. Click Save.


  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the VPN submenu, click L2TP road warriors.
  2. Under the Create new tunnel section, enter a descriptive Name for the tunnel.
  3. From the Local IP list, select the external IP address for the connection and enter the Username and Password for the tunnel.
  4. From the Authenticate by list, select the "Preshared key" option.
  5. From the L2TP client OS list, select "Android or iOS".
  6. Click Add.

Follow-up task

Configure your device:

  1. On the iPhone device, tap Settings, tap General, and then tap VPN.
  2. Tap Add VPN Configuration and tap Type, L2TP and then <Back.
  3. Tap and enter a Description for the tunnel and the Server, the Smoothwall Firewall’s external IP address.
  4. Tap Account and enter the username for the connection.
  5. Leave the RSA SecurID setting off.
  6. Tap and enter the Password and the Secret PSK.
  7. Leave the Send All Traffic setting to on.
  8. Under the PROXY section, leave Off selected.
  9. Tap Done.