Configuring an L2TP Road warrior Connection


Typically, you create a separate connection for each road warrior on your network.


  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the VPN submenu, click L2TP road warriors.
  2. Under the Create new tunnel section, enter a meaningful Name for this road warrior connection.
  3. From the Local IP list, select the local IP address that the tunnel connects to and enter a valid Client IP address for this road warrior tunnel.
  4. Enter the Username and Password needed to access this road warrior tunnel and reenter the password Again. Don't copy and paste it from Password.
  5. From the Authenticate by list, select the authentication method and from the L2TP client OS list, select the L2TP device’s operating system.
  6. Enter a descriptive Comment for this VPN.
  7. If non-standard X509 authentication is used for this VPN, click Advanced » and from the Local certificate list, choose the local certificate.
  8. Click Add.