Importing and creating certificate authorities and their certificates


On the NETWORK menu, under the VPN submenu, click Certificate authorities.

  • To import a certificate authority certificate:
  • Note: The certificate must be in PEM format for you to import it.

    1. Under the Import Certificate Authority certificate section, click Choose File.
    2. Locate the certificate authority’s certificate that you want to import.
    3. Click Import CA certificate from PEM.
  • To create a certificate authority:
  • Note: This section isn't displayed when a local certificate authority exists.

    1. Under the Create local Certificate Authority section, enter a meaningful Common name for the Certificate Authority.
    2. Enter an administrative Email address, and an Organization and Department identifiers.
    3. Enter a Locality or town, a State or province and a two-letter Country code, such as US or UK.
    4. From the Lifetime list, select the length of time that the Certificate Authority is valid for.
      • If you select "User defined" from the Lifetime list, enter the number of User defined (days).
    5. Click Create Certificate Authority.

Follow-up tasks

  • To export a certificate authority's certificate:
    1. Under the Installed Certificate Authority certificates section, select the relevant local certificate authority.
    2. From the Export format list, choose the format for the certificate and click Export.
    3. Follow the instructions from your browser to save the certificate to another location.
  • To delete an imported certificate authority's certificate:
    • Under the Installed Certificate Authority certificates section, select the non-local certificate authority certificate and click Delete.
  • To delete the local certificate authority and its certificate:
  • WARNING: Deleting the local Certificate Authority will invalidate all certificates that it's created.

    • Under the Delete local Certificate Authority section, select the Confirm deletion option and click Delete Certificate Authority.