Example link load balancing configuration

Two link load balancing pools with the interfaces as follows:

  1. Sales Office - 5-Mbps:
    This pool only needs 5-Mbps to be able to meet all devices’ bandwidth needs. This pool can use these three connections to fulfill this. Link 1 provides the bandwidth needed, the other two are only used if the first link fails. Link 3 is only used if Link 1 and Link 2 are unavailable.
  2. Local Address Bandwidth
    MyTelecom Link 1 ( 5-Mbps
    MyTelecom Link 2 ( 5-Mbps
    MyTelecom Link 3 ( 10-Mbps
  3. Research Office - Use maximum bandwidth:
    This pool can use the maximum available bandwidth. Therefore, the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall uses both connections for traffic, but balances the load using a 2:1 weighting ratio because Link 4 has double the allocated bandwidth than Link 3.
  4. Local Address Bandwidth
    MyTelecom Link 3 ( 10-Mbps
    MyTelecom Link 4 ( 20-Mbps

Link 3 can be used by both pools. If Link 3 is used by both pools, traffic is balanced as follows:

  • All traffic from the Sales Office pool.
  • 1/3 of traffic from the Research Office pool weighting of 2:1 is still maintained for this pool, even if other pools are using the same link as available bandwidth, and link saturation isn't measured.