Adding new DNS forwarders


  1. Under the DNS forwarders section, click Add new DNS forwarder.
  2. Either enter the Server IP addresses or click the arrow and select the relevant DNS IP addresses, or ranges.
  3. To create a new address object that can be reused in other areas of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall administration user interface without reentering each individual IP address, or address range, select the Save selected objects as group option.
  4. To assign a load balancing pool to this DNS server, from the Link Load Balancing pool or Local IP address list, select the relevant pool. If the DNS server isn't globally reachable, we recommend that you assign a load balancing pool. Alternatively, leave this option as Default to use the Default LLB pool configured on the Source NAT & LLB policies page.
  5. Enter a descriptive Comment and click Add.