About datastore settings

Datastore contains all traffic log files for the Bandwidth, Smoothwall Firewall, Smoothwall Filter, and UltraSurf modules, and the resulting file indexes used for reporting. You can view current disk usage, displayed as a pie chart, and estimated future disk usage.

Usage Estimates

Your Smoothwall estimates how much data it can retain before running out of hard disk space. This figure is based on the average volume of datastore data produced daily by your system, multiplied by 31 days. The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall estimates the amount of disk space needed by the Datastore to store one month, three months, six months and a year's worth of data. This estimation is based upon an average of the last 31 days' worth of log data. Based on this estimate, the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall makes a further estimation of the number of months data that can be stored before the disk's log partition is full, and automatic pruning occurs. You can use this estimate to specify the length of time the log files are kept for.


For example, if the minimum retention period is set to three months and the maximum retention period is set to six months, the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall always keeps log files for three months and, if there's available storage space, it keeps them for six months.