About the web filter report

You can view live browsing. This is useful to understand why a site isn't displaying properly, why an application isn't working as it should or to view the policy for a user or groups of users. Web filter logs provide detailed, configurable and searchable information about web filtering activity regarding user and group activity, source IPs, requested URLs, categories of web content requested, and domains recorded. To see if a URL is blocked you can filter by the URL, where you can see the category in which the URL has been denied. You can view details of the rule by placing your mouse cursor over the rule. You can also click the rule to view and edit it. You can export logged data in comma-separated (CSV) format.

Wildcard character

You can use an asterisk (*) to filter the free search terms.


  • john matches "john" (and nothing else)
  • itc\ doesn't match anything
  • itc\john matches "john" only, not "itc\john.doe"
  • john* matches anything that contains "john", such as "john.doe", "itc\john", "john\here", "itc\john"
  • itc\* matches anything that contains "itc\", such as "itc\john", "itc\jack"
  • itc\hans* matches anything that contains itc\john such as "itc\john", "itc\john.doe", "otherdomain-itc\john.doe"
  • matches
  •* matches anything that contains, such as,,,,