Setting up alerts for health of remote services


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Alerts submenu, click Alert settings.
  2. Click Health Monitor to expand the alert configuration details.
    • To trigger an alert if keywords are missing from a webpage, under Web server (HTTP):
      1. Enter the Request URL of the webpage to monitor. You can omit http:// when entering the URL.
      2. Enter the No of tries to retrieve the webpage.
      3. Enter a comma-separated list of Keywords to search for.
      4. Click Add.
    • To see if the specified port is open and offering a service, under Other services:
      1. Enter the IP Address.
      2. Enter the Port number.
      3. From the Protocol list, select the protocol of the service that you want to check for a response. Select "Other" to see if there's any response to connections on the associated port.
      4. Enter the No of tries that the address is checked and not receive a response before generating an alert.
      5. Click Add.
    • To see if a domain hasn't expired or been taken over, under DNS name resolution:
      1. Enter the domain Name.
      2. Enter the domain Address (URL).
      3. Click Add.