Full traffic for <user>

Use this dialog box to view the sites visited during the breach.

Navigation: Reports > Safeguarding > Full report.

Full traffic for <user>
Earlier Shows all the websites visited an hour before the breach occurred.
Hide web furniture Turned on by default, this hides all the surplus information such as search suggestions, search results and tracking sites.
Date / Time The date and time the website was browsed to.
Category The category that the website falls into.
URL The full URL of the website that was visited. The query parameters of the URL are hidden until you mouse-hover the URL. The domain is highlighted in bold. If a search was requested to any categorized terms, search terms are shown here, with the search engine used displayed in the Domain column. To give you a more detailed report we recommend that you have HTTPS decrypt and inspect turned on.
Later Shows all the websites visited an hour after the breach occurred.