Custom Page

Use this page to create your custom report.

Navigation: Reports > Reports > Custom.

Customize reports
Name The name of your custom report.
Report icon A relevant icon for your custom report.
Description An optional description for your custom report. This text appears under the report link in the Reports page.
Location A relevant folder to store your custom report from the menu.
Update Saves the report but keeps you on the page.
Create report Creates the report and opens the Reports page.
Preview Opens the Recent and saved page and places your report in the queued reports.
Available sections All the available sections that you can add to your custom report.
Add Adds the selected section to your report. You can select multiple available sections before clicking Add. Once you add a section you can see more details where it's been added to the bottom of the page.
Remove Removes the selected section from your report.
Included sections A list of all the sections that you've selected.
Move up Moves the selected report section up in the list.
Move down Moves the selected report section down in the list.
Group Places selected sections into a folder.
Ungroup Removes all the section in the selected folder and returns them into the full list of included sections.
Report sections - This section is visible only after you add an available report section to the included list.
Description The description of the included section.
Options Some sections deal with only a limited set of data, such as a single group or a single IP address, in which case this tab doesn't apply. For other sections, you are prompted to choose the type of data for the report, such as, incoming or outgoing traffic, interface number.
Results The results returned for that section. This is useful if the section is used in feed-forward reporting.
Export This tab displays those data items that a user can be prompted to enter to narrow the search when running the report, such as, username or IP address. The exported options appear on the Advanced » table when running the reports.