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Accessing the Smoothwall System

Note: This topic applies to the Edinburgh Release.

The following assumes you have installed your Smoothwall System. For a detailed description of how to do this, see Using the Quick Installation Method or Using the Advanced Installation Method.

To access the Smoothwall System, do the following:

1. In a web browser, enter the address of your Smoothwall System, for example:

2. Accept the Smoothwall System’s certificate. The login screen opens.

3. Enter the following information:
Username — Enter admin. This the default Smoothwall System’s administrator account.
PasswordEnter the password you specified for the administration account when installing the Smoothwall System, else enter smoothwall This is the default password.
4. Click Login.

If your Smoothwall System has not been registered, you are prompted to provide registration information.

5. Enter the following information:
Serial number — The serial number you received. Serial numbers are not case sensitive and can be entered with or without spaces. If you do not have a serial number, contact your Smoothwall representative or, visit for more information.
Name — The name of the administrative contact person for the Smoothwall System.
Organization — The name of the organization in which the Smoothwall System will reside.
Department — The name of the department in which the Smoothwall System will reside.
Locality or town — Location information for the Smoothwall System.
State — Regional location information for the Smoothwall System.
Country — The country in which the Smoothwall System will reside.
Email — The email address of the administrative contact for the Smoothwall System. This should be a valid and actively used email account.
6. Click Save.
7. When prompted, review the information supplied. Click Confirm.

The Dashboard opens.

The following describes the Smoothwall System’s user interface.