About record keeping integration

Monitor - Managed Service can integrate with record systems, for example, Smoothwall's Safeguard Record Manager or CPOMS. Alerts are copied from Monitor - Managed Service into a recording tool, where they can be ignored or acted upon as appropriate. You can then record "what happened" to an event, for example, if it was intentionally ignored. Any alerts suitable for transmitting, currently anything three and above are sent to the record system's queue. The alerts remain in the Monitor portal, but you can manage the alerts within either of these integrated system as you would usually do by either by attaching it to a student, after checking their identity, or deleting it.

Safeguard Record Manager

Smoothwall's record manager is a way for schools to record child protection issues and incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files. You can find out more about our solution from our website at Smoothwall.com. You can view the alerts and then assign to the student's chronology or ignore the event.


CPOMS is used for monitoring child protection and a range of pastoral and welfare issues. You can see the incident relating to the student, with an indication that this came from Smoothwall, when it was raised, the risk category and risk level. You can attach the incident to a student or delete it. We recommend that you ensure that you check the identity of the student before you assign it because there might be cases where you have more than one student with the same name.