Running the safeguarding full report for user breaches


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Safeguarding submenu, click Full report.
  2. From the Report against list, choose the ruleset, user group and tenant that you want to filter by.
  3. Click the Date range to choose how long you want the report to cover. The maximum duration is 31 days.
  4. Tip: To quickly select a date range, click the links on the left on the date picker.

  5. Click Run report.
  6. To view a single users breach history for this duration and one hour either side of the breach, click their name to expand the data.
  7. To see further information about a Safeguarding breach, click the breach entry Date / Time.
  8. To print the safeguarding report for a user, place your mouse over the user's name and click Print.