Creating scheduled reports


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Reports submenu click Scheduled.
  2. Under the Schedule section, choose, the Start date, Time and how often to Repeat.
  3. Select the Enabled option and add a descriptive Comment so you know what this report is for.
  4. Under the Report section, from the Report list choose a report and the period that you want the report for and click Update.
  5. Under the Save report section, to save the report to your Smoothwall, select the Save report option and enter a Report name.
  6. If User Portals have been turned on for your Smoothwall, you can publish the scheduled report to a User Portal. To ignore all User Portals, leave this option as none.
  7. Under the Email report section, to create an email scheduled report, select the Email report option.
  8. Choose the group to email the reports to from the list.
  9. Click Add.