About application slices

Shaping policies determine the amount of bandwidth that specified applications can use. Additionally, you can prioritize bandwidth for specific applications, or application groups. You do this by slicing up the allocated bandwidth, according to the relative importance of the application. You can also apply an additional cap to the amount of bandwidth used by that application.

Before configuring application slices, it might be useful to the consider the following:

These slices are only used as a prioritization method when available bandwidth for that class is nearing capacity.


For example, a class is assigned the predefined Business shaping policy:

This class is given a Dynamic sharing type, with 2 megabits per second of incoming, and 2 megabits per second of outgoing bandwidth. The Business shaping policy slices up the 2 megabits per second of bandwidth as follows:

If traffic matching only one application slice is present, this would use up the full 2 megabits per second allocation as needed.