Creating authentication policies


  1. On the WEB PROXY menu, under the Authentication submenu, click Policy wizard.
  2. Under the Step 1: What section, from the Type options, select to create either a Transparent or Non-transparent authentication policy.
  3. From the Method list, select one of the Authentication Methods.
  4. From the Interface list, select the interface on which to apply the authentication policy.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Under the Step 2: Where section, from the Available locations list, select the location at which the policy will apply and click Add ». Once you have added all your locations, click Next.
  7. Under the Step 3: Options for unauthenticated requests section, from the Available groups list, select a group that you want to assign requests and click Add ».
  8. Make sure that the policy is turned on by making sure that the Enable Policy option is selected. Once you are satisfied, click Confirm.
  9. Review your selections and click Save to create the policy.

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