If you place your mouse cursor over the Connect Filter client system tray icon, these information pop-ups are available.

Status Description
Connected Connect Filter for Windows is connected and filtering accordingly. There are no known issues.
Smoothwall Filter rejected authentication

The NTLM handshake has failed due to any number of reasons:

  • The Smoothwall Filter isn't logged into to the domain.
  • The Smoothwall Filter only logs into the Active Directory domain when checking user credentials. It could be that it's unable to log in. Run the directory services diagnostics. See the help topic, Managing directories.

  • The user account being used to log in has either been removed from the domain, or no longer exists.
  • The Smoothwall Filter domain login has expired.
  • The user's domain login has expired.

The user should log back into the domain, typically by logging out of the device and logging back in again.

Unable to connect to the Smoothwall Filter The Smoothwall Filter that hosts the Connect Filter proxy server is not responding, or not contactable. We recommend checking to see if other clients can connect to the web filter first, before rebooting the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall hardware appliance.
Filtering not available The Smoothwall Filter that hosts the Connect Filter proxy server is not responding, or not contactable but, as Failure Mode is set to Open or Continue to requested sites without filtering, browsing is still available.
Unable to contact the Smoothwall Connect Filter service The Connect Filter for Windows client is unable to contact the Connect Filter service running on the local device. Either the service isn't running, or something is blocking the client from seeing the local service.
Captive user portal detected Connections can't be directed to the Smoothwall Filter as a captive user portal has been detected. Users must authenticate with the captive user portal first before continuing.
Unknown problem with Smoothwall Connect Filter system This is a serious issue with the Smoothwall Connect Filter client. We recommend that you contact support.

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