Certificate authorities

Use this page to validate certificates against the list of installed Certificate Authorities (CA).

Navigation: SYSTEM > Certificates > Certificate authorities.

Import Certificate Authority certificate
Import PEM filename Choose File opens the Open dialog so that you can select a certificate authority certificate to import.
Import CA certificate from PEM Imports the certificate file.
Installed Certificate Authority certificates
Name The name of the certificate. To review a specific certificate, click its name. The certificate opens in a separate tab on the browser.
Valid Indicates that certificate has not expired and can be used.
Built-in Indicates those certificates that were provided upon installation.
Export format

The format to export the certificate:

  • CA certificate in PEM — Export the certificate in an ASCII (textual) certificate format commonly used by Microsoft operating systems
  • CA certificate in BIN — Export the certificate in a binary certificate format
Export Exports the certificate in the selected format.
Delete Deletes the selected certificate. If a built-in certificate is deleted, it is moved to a "holding area" rather than removed from the system because it cannot be reimported if it was deleted by mistake
Restore deleted built-in CAs Restores any deleted built-in certificates.

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Importing and exporting certificate authorities

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