User interface

Use this page to customize the administration user interface.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Preferences > User interface.

Host information
Description The text that is shown on the tab of the browser when you navigate to your Smoothwall.
System Control page
Report to show The report to display on the Dashboard page.
Dashboard sections
Enabled Displays all the sections. If you clear this, only the last three sections appear: Software UTM Updates, Tip of the day and Support information.
System Show or hides the System section of the Dashboard page.
Web filter Show or hides the Web filter section of the Dashboard page.
Monitor Show or hides the Monitor section of the Dashboard page.
Tunnel Show or hides the Tunnel section of the Dashboard page.
Email Show or hides the Email section of the Dashboard page.
User-facing HTTPS services The list of available certificates.
Create and manage certificates Opens the Certificates for services page.

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Customizing the administration user interface

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