Creating restore points

WARNING: Every time you create a restore point manually, it overwrites the existing User restore point, if one exists.


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Maintenance submenu, click System restore.
  2. From the User restore point heading, click New restore point.
  3. Enter a meaningful Name for this restore point.
  4. Tip: Each restore point is date stamped and displayed with such along with the installed product release. You don't need to include this information in the restore point name.

  5. Click Save.

Note: Typically, the only reason a restore point can't be created is because there's insufficient free space on the hard drive. System Restore error messages are written to the System log. See the help topic, Viewing and exporting system logs for specific components.

Follow-up tasks

Note: You can only rename or delete manually created restore points. You can't rename or delete those created by the Smoothwall, that is, those under System restore point.

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