Determine domain behavior

You can accept logins only from approved domains, by listing them in your Smoothwall. This way, users from non-approved domains can still log into their Chromebooks using their Google credentials, but are placed in the Unauthenticated IPs group (see the help topic, Adding user groups) and filtered accordingly.

Alternatively, you can list the domains in your Google Admin Console. However, using this methodology, users from unlisted domains are unable to log into their Chromebook devices.


  1. On the SERVICES menu, under the Authentication submenu, click Google.
  2. Under the Google settings section, select Approved domains.
  3. Within the Allow logins from the following domains box, list the accepted domains, with each one on a new line.
  4. Remove domain name — Use this option if your directory service, such as, Google G Suite or Active Directory, doesn't need the domain name, that is,, to form part of the username for authentication purposes.
  5. Note: If you're using the Google directory service for user group mappings, don't turn on this option because the full email address is needed as the username.

  6. Scroll down the bottom and click Save changes.

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