Certificate authorities

Use this page to import, create, export or view certificate authorities.

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Import Certificate Authority certificate
Import PEM file name The name of the file that you select.
Choose File Opens a dialog box so that you can choose a file to import.
Import CA certificate from PEM Imports your uploaded certificate.
Delete local Certificate Authority - only shows if there's a certificate authority to delete.
Delete Certificate Authority Removes the local certificate authority.
Confirm deletion Confirms that you want to delete the local certificate authority.
Create local Certificate Authority - only shows if no certificate authorities exist.
Common name

A meaningful name for the Certificate Authority.


An optional administrative email address.


An optional organizational identifier.


An optional departmental identifier.

Locality or town

An optional locality or town.

State or province

An optional state or province.


A two-letter country code, such as US or UK.


The length of time that the Certificate Authority is valid for.

User defined (days) The number of days the Certificate Authority is valid.
Create Certificate Authority Creates your certificate authority.
Installed Certificate Authority certificates
Name The name given to the certificate authority's certificate name.
Valid When the certificate is valid until.
Mark Indicates if the certificate is selected for you to export.
Export format
CA certificate in PEM An ASCII (textual) certificate format commonly used by Microsoft operating systems. Select this format if the certificate is to be used on another Smoothwall.
CA certificate in BIN A binary certificate format. Refer to the system’s documentation.

Creates and downloads a file to your device.

Delete Removes the imported certificate.

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