Adding new Smoothwall Firewall rules




  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the Firewall submenu, click Firewall rules and either:
  2. In the Add firewall rule dialog box, enter a meaningful Name for the rule.
  3. Select or search for the Source IP addresses and the Destination IP addresses for this rule and either click Include » or Exclude » to exclude IP addresses from this rule.
  4. Select or search for the Inbound interfaces network traffic arrives at and the Outbound interfaces network traffic is routed out through and click Add ».
  5. Select or search for the Services for this rule and click Add ».
  6. To create a Drop or Reject rule, choose the Applications (Apps) that when detected, have their network traffic blocked.
  7. Select or search for the user Groups that network traffic originates from and click Add ».
  8. From the Action list, select if the network traffic is Accepted, silently Dropped or if it's Rejected and an ICMP destination-unreachable is sent back to the originator.
  9. To log matching network connections, select the Log option, enter a descriptive Comment for this rule and click Save changes.

WARNING: Selecting the Log option can generate a large amount of log data. We recommend that you only select this for "Drop" and "Reject" Smoothwall Firewall rules.

Follow-up tasks

WARNING: Deleting a rule that has a current established connection causes that connection to fail. We recommend that you delete rules when the Smoothwall Firewall is processing minimal traffic, such as overnight.

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