Adding port forward rules


  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the Configuration submenu, click Port forwards.
  2. Either click Add port forward or find the rule that you want to place the new rule before or after, place your mouse cursor over the rule, click Add and then click either Rule above or Rule below.
  3. Either select the Client IP addresses port forwarded for this rule and click Add or to apply this rule to all IP addresses, leave this blank.
  4. From the Local IP list, select the relevant interface that requests are received on. All traffic received on this interface is port forwarded, unless Client IP addresses are specified.
  5. Select the Services to be port forwarded and click Add leave blank to include all services.
  6. Select the relevant Target IP addresses that traffic is forwarded to. If multiple IP addresses are selected, port forwarded traffic is load balanced across them.
  7. Either enter the Target port number that traffic is forwarded to or to preserve the destination port used in the incoming packet, if applicable, leave this blank.
  8. To log all matching traffic to the Smoothwall Firewall log, select the Log connection option.
  9. To deploy intrusion prevention for traffic using this rule, select the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) option.
  10. Enter a descriptive Comment and click Save changes.

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