About safeguarding breach notifications

Note: To make full use of this feature, you need a Smoothwall Filter license for the Guardian module.

The Safeguarding feature can help you with your organization's internet safety legislative responsibilities regarding Internet use. The Safeguarding Notifications page provides you with the ability to send the Safeguarding Full report, filtered to specified users or groups. See the help topic, Running the safeguarding full report for user breaches. You can also configure instantaneous alerts, sent via email or SMS, to immediately notify the nominated persons of a Safeguarding breach.

Notifications and instant alerts

You use the email notification to receive the Safeguarding Full report, filtered on a regular, set basis. This can be for all users or groups and all rulesets, for a single user or group and single ruleset, or a combination of both. With multitenant licensed Smoothwalls, the email notification is also tied to the tenant that the user or group belongs to. Whereas an instant alert sends an email or SMS message to the nominated persons as soon as a Danger-level Safeguarding breach is detected. See the help topic, Running the safeguarding full report for user breaches.

Note: When multiple breaches against the same User / Group, Ruleset, and Email group combination are detected, the instant alert is only sent every ten minutes, so as not to bombard the Safeguarding Officer with messages.

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